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katiefoolery wrote in 15_minute_fic
I am back in the land of the internet! Here's your word for the week. :)

Don't look at the word until you are ready to write. When your fifteen minutes are up and you have completed your ficlet, you may either post it as a response here, or post a link to the ficlet in your own journal. If posting on your own journal, please hide the prompt word in some way (ie. under an LJ-cut) in order to avoid spoiling it for others.

Today's word is: nowhere

As a bonus, I'm also including a link to a picture. You can choose to write your ficlet based on the word or the picture... Or both! Or one for each! It's up to you. Today's picture is: here.

You can copy and paste this code when posting your ficlet if desired.

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She shut her eyes and jumped.

Behind her, cries rang out, shouts and fearful wails of people who had only just noticed where she was, what she was doing. But no one ran to try, though futilely, to catch her. All she heard were voices, not the pitter-patter of people plunging forward after her.

When she judged herself far enough down, she tugged the cord, released the parachute, and opened her eyes. Above her, briefly glimpsed through the parachute's hole, was the zeppelin. No one had jumped after her. Good.

Below, the forest spread, verdant and luxurious. She didn't know where she was; she had bought a random ticket, stayed in her cabin without once examining the views afforded her. All she carried were knives and flint and needle and thread; she would forage for food and shelter, hunt her clothes on their original owners, lose herself in the green, away from the dull, dull grey of her former life.

When she jumped, she had thrown away her name. She needed none now, knowing only that she was no more the person who had wept when her daughter came stillborn from her body, when her beloved turned his back when her belly swelled beyond disguising. Her parents had kept her inside for shame and for anger, and when she worked at her former pursuits her hands had grown stiff and pained, bloody and unclean.

No more.

Time to begin again, time enough to live anew. Not for nothing had she schemed in secret, scavenging coins, stealing money, taking only a small pack and the clothes on her back, even stealing the parachute when aboard the zeppelin. She'd no further plan in her head than to get away, no destination, only a point from which she had to place distance between it and herself.

There was no somewhere for her. There was only a nowhere.

Very powerful and gripping.^-^

Title: Prayers to Broken Stone
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Characters: Jadis
Rating: PG
Word count: 400

This is Charn, after Jadis and the children leave.

I love the pic.

::wanders off to write::

I'm glad you like it. :) I just happened to see it on my flist and it started making me think of stories... it was at that point that I realised it might just make for a good prompt picture!

Title: Wood and Mud
Fandom/original: Original
Rating: PG (one swear, omg!)
Word count: 385

Title: “Because the world will spin ‘round again.”
Fandom/original: J-rock - the GazettE
Characters: Uruha/Aoi
Rating: G
Word count: 241
Uruha didn’t want to be dependent but things happen and people change, others come into our lives and push us to directions we’d never think of leading ourselves to. Aoi was one such person and his impact in Uruha’s life is so vast that Uruha’s world had turned upside down.

The nights and days passed filled with memories that will forever be etched in Uruha’s mind; discovering new paths and things, viewing the world in a slightly different light. And with each second that passed, his hold onto Aoi tightened until it was only Aoi who pulled them not forward, but to whichever way the wind took them.

Everything looked so fine and easy and dandy too because no matter how Uruha would refuse to admit it, humans always go for the easiest to get by and he was no exception.

But things happen and people change, thoughts invade minds and push us into an altogether different direction we ourselves would never go to. Sometimes we’re forced to let go of things we don’t want to, forget cherished memories we don’t want to forget, leave people behind earlier than expected. And all of a sudden Uruha just found himself in the middle of the road without anybody to hold onto anymore, barely standing in his own two feet, but he needed to move on.

Because the world had to spin around again even if Aoi won’t always be at its center.

Title: Sleep Paralysis
Fandom/original: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters: Roy Mustang
Word count: 499

There are days when Roy wakes up and can’t remember where he is. It’s strange, or should be, since he’s lived in his East City apartment building for so many years. But it happens so often he can’t quite ignore the phenomenon.

Perhaps it’s the utilitarianism of the bedroom that fuels his sense of disconnection. He didn’t have much furniture when he moved in and he still doesn’t. There is the bed, the bureau, a footlocker where he keeps a few odds and ends, and a bedside table with a lamp. There are blinds on the windows, plain blue linens on the bed. His bueautop boasts his hairbrush and little else. The pillows are flat because they’re old and cheap and he keeps forgetting to replace them. The only decoration is a single painting (a landscape—water, rocks, forest and the like) that he picked up from a semi-decent artist when he first moved in. Roy feels no connection to this paining, no attraction to its textures or aesthetic. He only purchased it because he knows if the women he sometimes brings up here see bare walls they might start to question him, and since he only brings them up to feed fuel to the useful rumors of his , questions are unacceptable. Appearances, after all, are everything.

It might be the color of the walls. They’re a clean off-white, the color of unbleached canvas and completely textureless, smooth as marble with none of the stone’s personality or warmth. The room has northern exposure, so there’s never even any sunlight to stain the walls with stripes of yellow through the slats on the blinds.

It might be that he’s spent so many nights away from here. He began renting this apartment when he graduated from Academy, and that was almost ten years ago. In that time he’s spent countless nights out; in hotels, in the resting room at Easter Headquarters, in the few-inches-too-short couch in his small private office, in the perfumed beds of the women he dates for appearance’s sake, under the flapping tent tops beneath the Ishbalan sky, leaned against the windows on overnight trains, and so many others.

Or maybe it’s the nightmares. The ones he can’t get rid of no matter how many drinks he has before bed. Hell, maybe it’s the drinks themselves. Maybe it’s how deep he sleeps. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the season, maybe it’s his health, maybe it’s part of getting old, maybe he really is as crazy as he sometimes half-expects. Whatever it is, he can’t pinpoint the reason, so he doesn’t think about it much.

It really isn’t important, after all. What’s a little disorientation in the morning, after all. It’s just a few seconds of pounding pulse and wide-eyed confusion, of tangled fingers in his duvet as he holds on tight and desperately tries to place himself in the enormousness of the world around him.

If nothing else, it helps wake him up for work.

I've done one 15 min fic before and just decided to come and see what the word was this week and see if I'd be inspired. I also wanted to see what kind of speed I actually can write in. Didn't expect to tackle original material, but there you go. Although this is kinda AU...

Title: And She Saw the Light
Fandom/original: Original (My Before Dawn vampire verse)
Rating:PG-13 (for the dark and death)
Word count: 500

There was no place for her in the world anymore. There was no-one for her to love, no-one loved her. They were all gone. Gone like morning mist from the mountains, gone like shadows in the light. And she had nothing but herself to blame.

She was lost in the void of the world, in the endless meaningless humdrum of it's flow. She was timeless, she was nothing, there was nowhere for her to go any more. She had seen everything and been everywhere. Had reached the highest mountains, with their tops covered in everlasting snow. Her eyes had gone wide as she had seen thing through her preternatural eyes which mere mortals could only dream of.

She had done it all and was tired.

Lost in the mundane of the world as it now was, moving around her like a separate entity, something she was no part of, she was so tired. She often thought of ending it. Putting a stop to her misery. For all whom she loved were gone. Him with his golden smile and deep chocolate eyes, her with her golden locks and eyes like forget-me-not. All were gone. And now the horror of her parents struck her again. How could it still, after all this time? It had been centuries. Centuries since their passing and she still wept like a frightened child on a thunderous night. Wanting her mother to come and hold her and say it would be alright. That she didn't need to fear anymore. To tell her there were no real monsters.

Even while she all too well knew, now, that there were. She was one of them.

As she watched the golden patch of light creep slowly up the quilted bead spread, she smiled. It would all be but a half there memory. She felt groggy. She couldn't move now if she'd wanted. She looked at the lace pierced with light, saw it contrast with the blooming red roses of the curtain. Soon. She sat there, half gone already, and looked at the light. And her life, what there had been of it, flashed in her eyes.

“It's a girl, Gwen!” “I always loved you, you know that?” “You killed them? How could you? Your own parents?!” “I always knew this day would come, my love, but not so soon...” “You do not get to die now, not like this!” “I always loved you and only you... Gwen, ma chérie... Adieu... Gw---”

She jolted back into the now. Into the small room and the air which felt dank and used around her. And hot, so hot. Dusty. She could not breathe. Dust danced in the light. She looked and she saw. She saw that reached for nowhere... She saw the light and burst, flames licking her smile, her hair dancing wild in flames around her. She was content.

“Goodbye... I am coming, I am coming for you... Nicholas...”

And she was no more.

I got dumped out somewhere, doesn’t look familiar. It’s never a good start to a day, I am surrounded by mist on all sides and I’m still in my jammies, well what passes for my jammies that is. I generally sack out in a t-shirt and my boxer shorts, it works for me. Of course, I don’t have any of my equipment, that would be way too easy. My staff, coat and blasting rod are still by the door. In general, with what I keep in my pockets and those two other items I am ready to roll with what ever comes along.

But, here I am, half naked. I now understand why McCoy wears his overalls to be with him. His overalls have the same spell that the pockets of my coat have; they are bigger on the inside. Being a huge D&D geek, I wanted a “magic sack” of my very own; it would be great if I didn’t have to do business with physics. The spell took some doing and I could only get them a little bigger than they were already. I used some of my father’s tricks as a stage magician to help get a larger effect than I otherwise might have.

All of this does me no good at all of course and I started trekking as any direction is not where I started out. I am guessing I’m some where in the Never-Never, which upgrades my situation from not good to really bad, I’m something of a celebrity here and I don’t mean that in a good way. Let me tell you about where this place is all about. The realm that borders the “real world” is the land of the Fae, and I’m not talking about Tinkerbelle here! I decide to take a risk and shout out for a little help, since I can’t be in anymore trouble than I already. Boy howdy, was I wrong. I hear a hunting horn and see a mounted figure with horns resolve out of the mist. We’ve met before, he let me go then, but I had a date that needed to be met, and it was at the wrong side of the Wild Hunt. You should have seen how I ran!

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