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Word #139
15 minute fic
crazedturkey wrote in 15_minute_fic
The first word I chose today was "digoxin" which shows the perils of using a medical textbook to find a word.

Don't worry - I find something more suitable!

Don't look at the word until you are ready to write. When your fifteen minutes are up and you have completed your ficlet, you may either post it as a response here, or post a link to the ficlet in your own journal. If posting on your own journal, please hide the prompt word in some way (ie. under an LJ-cut) in order to avoid spoiling it for others.

Today's word is: wisdom

You can copy and paste this code when posting your ficlet if desired.

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Fandom: Nero Wolfe series
Characters: Archie Goodwin
Rating: G
Word count: 152

I don't know of many people that have what they call wisdom. Nero Wolfe is certainly the most intelligent man I know, but what with his eccentricities in daily life I can only think of a couple of occasions when I might have called him really wise. Not that I'm claiming any kind of profound wisdom or anything for myself, either. I have more than once been called a wise guy, but that's not really the sort of thing I'm going for, here. Wolfe would call that an idiomatic use: it doesn't count. He disapproves of that sort of thing, words picking up meanings that they didn't have around the year eighteen hundred or so. Wise guy and wisecrack he'll tolerate, but if I turned it into an adverb and started talking about cracking wise, he'd probably threaten to fire me. He threatens me enough as it is for actually cracking wise.

Title: Not Wise At All
Fandom/original: original (my vampire story Before Dawn)
Characters: Jonathan, Christian
Rating: T
Word count:603

This was among the most stupid things he had ever done in his life. There was no thought behind his actions, no wisdom. He was acting completely on instinct, emotion. And it was not wise at all. Yet it was exhilarating, this first ever lack of judgement. It was so free to just not listen to what his brain said to him, not rely on his years of experience, the part of him who knew better.

Wisdom could kiss his ass, he'd take this any day.

Lips warm under his, the boy still human enough to be warm, despite what their mistress had done to him. Even with all the Blood running through his veins, the young man had still retained a modicum of life, normalcy. And he was like the boy now, having forgone what would have been the wise option, what would have been safe. This wasn't.

Hot fingers touched his cheek, wound about his neck as the boy kissed him back. Caught in a stolen moment they were just feeling. Letting themselves go. And he still was amazed how he, with all his years and the wisdom that they should have given him, had finally given in.

He knew why.

It was because doing the wrong thing felt so good. And the boy was gorgeous, the boys was his, if only for this one moment. This one precious kiss and a feel. His life's blood pumping under his fingers as he caressed the boys neck, dark eyes looked at him. A gasp escaped the kiss swollen lips. And he hadn't even nicked the boy. Ha daren't. He wasn't that much of a fool.

“She'll know...” the boy said in hushed tones, yet not backing away, not making any move to step out of the vampire's reach. His hot human fingers lingered on the pale man's cheek, wondering. The touch couldn't be alien to him.

“She always does,” he replied. And yet he would take what would come, for what he'd gotten, this last taste of humanity still so pure despite all, it had been enough. It would make him be wise for the both of them in the years to come. For he knew the desire slumbering within the boy, and also within himself. There was no denying the pull between them.

The boy looked at him, Christian his name was. Such a sweet name, a sweet face. Such unwise passions. First a love for a cruel woman, a mad master vampire, their coven mother. A foolish love for she did not feel for him. And at the same time, she did. But only when she was sane, only when she was who she had been over a hundred years ago. The sweet girl from long ago, an aristocrat gone mad during the Revolution. Having seen the utter madness of his love, the boy had seen what he had to offer. And he'd come for him. Now. In this, their first and last encounter.

He might have to pay for it with his life, if not more, his humanity.

“Jonathan...,” his name fell sweetly from the boys lips. He was so old as to always call him boy, for he was old, so old. And had the advantage of his mistress not really being his own. He could rebel. He could fight back against her reign of terror. If that would be wise, only time would tell.

In between, he'd taste some more oblivion on his lips, feel the boy, love the boy, and dream of snatching him away by a kiss. Foolish. In love. Not wise.

Title: Silence
Fandom/original: Original
Rating: G
Word count: 670

Yay, thanks for posting this one! :)

Edited at 2010-05-18 11:29 am (UTC)

Original, no Fandom

You would think I’d have learned my lesson by now. And yet, the words echo back at me like the etched prison on my shoulders: “When you gonna learn?” Maybe when I got the tattoo I somehow trapped myself into a life of dwelling repetition. A life filled with the ignorance of my past and continuance of misguided actions that refuse to acknowledge the history. Much like the misguided wisdom of engaging in war, yet it is unavoidable and always inevitable.

I am not sure when I stopped loving him and started loving another. I am not sure at the exact moment that I began to let my mind wander to the point of no return.

And honestly, if someone were to ask me to define it – that being love I am not even sure I could do that. Besides who really knows if and when you are in love for sure anyways? Is it real or just clouded by misjudgment, passion and desire?

All I know is that he is in my thoughts almost constantly-- maybe even obsessively so. I think about him when I dream: he is there, watching me with those dark, mysterious, tempting eyes. He is there in the evening and the night… I wonder where he is, what he is doing. What he is thinking. I suppose you could say I need to stop. There is a point when I must acknowledge the simple fact that it would never work out. But fuck – I really wish that it could.

I sit here dwelling over and over on all the memories we have shared, in only a year. Wisdom would be to forget them, no matter how precious – and move on. He tells me to move on, he says we must part ways. But why is it I can’t stop thinking about it? Why can’t I stop thinking about us?

Title: All I Can Give You
Fandom/original: Original
Rating: G
Word count: 459

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