Renee-chan (rchan) wrote in 15_minute_fic,

Word #166 and a Mod Intro

*waves* Hello, everyone. ^_^ My name is rchan and I'm one of the many new mods for this community. I'm not going to bombard you with a million useless facts about myself. I'm sure you just want me to do my job and get on with it. What I will tell you is that I love this comm and feel a great deal of loyalty towards it. Like many of you, I'm sure, 15 minute ficlets (both in its prior incarnation and now) has often jumpstarted my writing when I've been stuck. So, instead of bombarding you with useless trivia like what fandoms I write in and what pairings I favor, I'll simply say this: Pimp this comm to all your friends! Get them to come on down and take a look. And join. Let's see if we can get 15_minute_fic to start seeing a little more action, again. Who's with me? ;D

Don't look at the word until you are ready to write. When your fifteen minutes are up and you have completed your ficlet, you may either post it as a response here, or post a link to the ficlet in your own journal. If posting on your own journal, please hide the prompt word in some way (ie. under an LJ-cut) in order to avoid spoiling it for others.

Today's word is:  Frivolous

You can copy and paste this code when posting your ficlet if desired.
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