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15 Minute Ficlets

creativity in a hurry

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Word #193
Jermiah -- Jeremiah/Markus -- Watch over
rchan wrote in 15_minute_fic
Don't look at the word until you are ready to write. When your fifteen minutes are up and you have completed your ficlet, you may either post it as a response here, or post a link to the ficlet in your own journal. If posting on your own journal, please hide the prompt word in some way (ie. under an LJ-cut) in order to avoid spoiling it for others.

Today's word is:  Family

You can copy and paste this code when posting your ficlet if desired.

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Title:The best of you
Fandom/original: It's a rant, really.
Characters: You, the reader.
Rating: G
Word count: 258

There's a point in your life when you've grown too big to live under the same roof as your family again. It's not a matter of stretched shirts and cramped bathrooms, but inflated attitudes and rose-colored glasses. You can go in the world and present your grown up face, a mature adult capable of handling decisions or at least warrant some amount of respect and leeway, but in your own home, you can never erase the days of potty training and hand-holding. Mom and dad have seen you at your best and worst, and under the distorted sense of family loyalty they packed along with grandmother's wok and grandpa's cap when they crossed the motherland, they'll never leave you. But along with that old-fashioned concept of loyalty comes also the idea that children are always children, and will remain so till the day you die.

You may grow up, graduate, go to college, find a job and get married, but the bond of 'parent' and 'child' cannot be erased. Somebody's son or daughter will remain so and can never graduate to the mutual respect and liking of acquaintances or friends. The assumption of the parent is its own undoing; because they've watched you walk and fall, they're reluctant to let go of your hand and run into the street. After all, why take the risk of letting you trip once more into the mistakes of life when they can protect you from it? The suffocating affection chafes at this growing individual whose exhiliration at taking the first step alone.

Title: My People
Fandom/original: Donald Strachey Mysteries
Characters: Don/Timmy
Rating: PG
Word count: 420

Most people think I don’t have a family. Except for Timmy, that is. They probably think I was spawned and left to swim upstream on my own.

No, I don’t have a family in the strict sense of the word. But I do have people. And I have Timmy, the absolute love of my life. Timmy is in the No. 1 spot — hell, I’ll give him spots 2, 3, 4 and 5, just for good measure.

But, I also have Gina, the lady who owns our favorite Italian restaurant. She’s the motherly sort, the kind who yells at you if get muddy footprints on her clean, checkered floors and scolds you if you don’t wear a scarf in the winter. She once fixed me her mother’s special tiramisu when I came in there alone one night, after Timmy and I had a fight. Then she packed up another piece, told me to take it home, kiss and make up.

I did. We forgot to eat the tiramisu.

I’ve got Kenny, the annoying little brother I never had. He’s a pain in the ass sometimes, but he’s loyal as hell. Even if he screws up, I can count on him to fix whatever he’s wrecked. He’s there when I need him and even when I don’t.

Then there are the Mendelsohns, who moved in next door, about five years ago, I think it was. They’re retired, about the age my parents would have been, but that’s where the resemblance ends. Doug and Cindy are a ton of fun, always throwing barbecues and inviting Timmy and me over to drink Mai Tais and play cards. Their sons both died in a boating accident when they were teenagers, so I think they adopted Timmy and me. Cindy once said if we ever moved away, we’d better hire two moving vans because they were coming with us. She cried a little when she said that, and I don’t think the Mai Tais had anything to do with it.

Marika was in the Army with me; she’s still there, in fact. But she never forgot me. She writes and emails all the time, and when she gets leave she comes and stays with us. Sometimes, if they can work it out, her partner comes, too. Our house is the only place they feel safe. As far as I’m concerned, they can stay anytime they want.

So I’ve got family. I’ve got Timmy and Gina, Kenny and Marika, and the Mendelsohns. That’s enough family for anybody.

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