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15 Minute Ficlets

creativity in a hurry

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15 minute fic
crazedturkey wrote in 15_minute_fic

Hello and welcome to the inaugral week of 15_minute_fic. I'm crazedturkey and I'll be your moderator for the evening! Please give the doorman your coats, and don't forget to check out our specials!

Welcome to 15_minute_fic !

Don't look at the word until you are ready to write. When your fifteen minutes are up and you have completed your ficlet, you may either post it as a response here, or post a link to the ficlet in your own journal. If posting on your own journal, please hide the prompt word in some way (ie. under an LJ-cut) in order to avoid spoiling it for others.

Today's word is: Garble

You can copy and paste this code when posting your ficlet if desired.


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WOO! New prompt comm!

Title: Deaf


Rating: PG (for ONE swear)

Word count: 330

The toast popped. I took the bread and put it on a plate, then opened the tub of organic whipped butter.

"Morning," Randy said, walking into the kitchen. He kissed me on the cheek, poured a cup of coffee, then sat down at the table with the newspaper.

"Morning." Deciding it was sufficiently buttered, I poured some honey on the toast, then took a big bite. Sweet, sticky perfection. I took my mug and sat down next to my husband.

"Anything big happening in the world?" I asked him.

There was a delay, and then he looked up. "What? Not really."


We sat, chewed, and slurped in silence for a while. I picked up the book I'd started reading yesterday. The rancher's daughter and the poor but handsome farm hand were meeting under their tree, and were discussing their undying love for each other. Half a page later, I realized Randy had asked me something.


"Any big plans today?"

"Enh. Might do some laundry. Probably just sit around and read. It's my day off, after all."


I finished the rest of my toast, licking the honey off of my fingers and then wiping them clean. Didn't want to smudge the pages in my book, after all. The rancher's daughter was telling the farm hand that her father would never allow them to marry when I looked at the clock.

"Randy, you're going to be late."

There was that pause again, where he continued reading before the words I'd said sunk in. His head snapped up, he looked at his watch, and then said, "Shit."

He rushed to get his jacket, then came back and said, "Love you, hon."

The two lovers in the story were discussing whether or not to run away and start up their own ranch, away from prying and judgmental eyes that wanted to keep them apart.

"Huh? Oh, I love you too. Have a good day at work."

"Mmm. Bye."

"What? Oh, bye."

that was cute! I love the contrast between the romance in the book, and the practical realities of a marriage.

Very good job ;)

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