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15 Minute Ficlets

creativity in a hurry

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chibi me!
rchan wrote in 15_minute_fic
It looks like at least a few of you are still making use of this comm, so I'm glad to see that. ^_^ That's really all I wanted to know. However, there seems to be a trend towards not posting ficlets or links to what the weekly prompts have prompted people to work on.

I remember when this comm was also a good source of feedback and more of a writer's community and I'd love to see it be that, again. So, as they say on tumblr these days, I'm going to leave the mod "ask box" open. ^_~ Please, if you have any suggestions for how to generate more interest in the comm and to shift the focus of it back towards writing and sharing and being a more open community where we all actually engage in discussion with each other... let us know by leaving a comment on this post!

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Maybe some kind of challenge? The prospect of accomplishing something (measurable) usually helps to get things motivated? I guess that's why 25/50/100-challenges or bingos are so popular?
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Ooooh. Actually, that's a pretty good idea. We could easily do a bingo or a 25/50/100 challenge using the past word list. Thanks!
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Or you could have something like badges/titles members can claim get when they wrote a certain number of ficlets?
(All I can think of right now are military-ranks, but I'm sure there are better alternatives...)

Personally, I also think it would be nice to be able to post a collection of ficlets as an entry in the community. (Then people could make one post, where they claim their badge, and - as the fics wont be that long - post their fics with a link to the respective challenge.) But maybe that's just me.
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These are all good suggestions. Doing an entire collection on LJ might be a bit problematic, though, because there would be no way to sort through all the fic. Hmm... maybe an AO3 collection might work easier.

I'll talk to the other mods and see what they think. :)
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A lot of people have moved away from LJ, so maybe the trick is to lure them back. There are some mirrored versions of the comm, but I think it would be better to bring people back here. So there could be a tumblr where the link to the latest prompt word is posted; a facebook comm where the same thing happens (although fb links tend to replicate the text of the link - maybe a basic link to the community would be best there).

When we first started the community, we were picking up where the old one left off, so people knew that sharing their ficlets was part of the deal. We didn't need to encourage it too much in the text of the weekly post because it just happened! Perhaps a little re-wording of the prompt post is in order; something that puts a bit more emphasis on sharing what you write, whether it's on LJ or not.
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Re: the great migration from LJ
I've been struggling to find ways to do that in other fandoms for a few years, now. There seems to have been a general move towards tumblr, as you mentioned, and other such sites that are more image-dependent and, well... encourage less meaningful interaction, it seems. It's all about racking up numbers and the quick reblog.

That being said, I certainly wouldn't be averse to starting a tumblr for the comm, but short of getting people to reblog the posts, I'm not sure how we would publicize it. Tumblrs seem to get popular because of reblogged content and my own certainly doesn't have enough of a following to be helpful in that regard. O_o;;; Maybe if we used it for a picture of the week? And people on the comm could submit pictures of their favorite fandoms?
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