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15 Minute Ficlets

creativity in a hurry

Ficlets in fifteen minutes
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The premise is simple: you have a prompt word and you have fifteen minutes. It's up to you to complete an entire ficlet from those two items.

15 Minute Fic: creativity in a hurry

What's it all about?
This community was inspired by the original 15minuteficlets community, which closed in May 2007. We didn't want the concept to fade away, so we started this community up in order to carry on the tradition.

What do I have to do?
Every week, a randomly-chosen prompt word will be posted in this community. You'll then need to find a spare fifteen minutes and the writing implements of your choice. When you're ready, look at the prompt and WRITE!

When your fifteen minutes are up, you can either, a) post the results to your own journal, with a link to it on the relevant word post here, or b) post your ficlet in a comment.

Remember: don't look at the prompt word until you are ready to write!

Can I edit my story?
You can do minimal editing within the fifteen minutes allotted, although this should mostly be limited to things such as fixing typos.

When will each new word be posted?
Every Friday evening, which may be as late as Saturday, depending on fluctuations in your mods' real lives. ^_^

What am I allowed to write?
Absolutely anything! Fanfic, original fic, poetry, remiscences, anecdotes... The point is to write on the go and (hopefully) surprise yourself with the results.

Can I write a ficlet for an older word?
Yes, of course! Sometimes, one word a week just isn't enough, so feel free to browse through the archives and write a ficlet inspired by any of the words from previous weeks.

Is there a limit to how explicit a story can be?
We accept stories of any ratings, provided the rating and any warnings are clearly stated in the summary.

If the prompt should inspire more than one ficlet, can I post all of them?
It's fine to post more than one ficlet if the word inspires them both. The more stories, the better!

How does the prompt word get picked?
It's chosen randomly from a dictionary.

Does the prompt word have to be used in the ficlet, or can it be more of the inspiration for the ficlet?
No, the prompt word does not have to be included in the ficlet. It's purely there to inspire you.

Why don't I have posting access for the community?
The only posts made in the community are the weekly prompt words, therefore only the mods have posting access. We encourage you to post your ficlets in a comment, either as a link to the ficlet in your own journal or in the actual body of the comment.

Do you have another question that hasn't been addressed here? Then feel free to comment on this this post and we'll answer it as soon as possible. And if you have any suggestions for improving the comm, please post a comment on this post.

Your new team of mods is: arguingvitality, rchan, slanderouslibel, special_sista and suckmyspock.

Your former mods were crazedturkey and katiefoolery.

Please also take the time to visit the original 15minuteficlets comm and our affiliates, Fiction Drabbles, Daily Prompt, sci_fi_prompts and ficin15.

There is now a fifteen minute fic comm on Insane Journal here, thanks to ladytwist.

There is also a fifteen minute fic comm on DreamWidth here.